Love at first sight...

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  Hi..........Darling [Thu May 24,2007]


How are you,sweetheart? I know,you always very well[i guess] but im not so well because i was dream to you everynight[suffer jung].My birthday is comming soon.Yesterday,i try to do some websi te that can make you know my birthday by chance.I know i was cheating but you never know my birthday cause i never tell you even one times but i had to told you by hint[but you still dont know].I promise that was the last times that i will do like this.How long that we didt talk to each other?Im so suffer and feel uncomfortable that i didt talk to you like this.i have a lot of story that i want you to know both of good and bad.Did you remember that you told me if you sad and want to talk to someone and can i be someone for you? Im here and stand by you all the time You know,im glad toheard this sentence and i was remember till now.You made me delight and want to stay beside you forever.I still remerber when we meet each other at the first time? I saw that you didt look at me even just one but you was peek of me cause you was confessed to me when we stayed at Rok island and i do the same too.Its like the fate that we know each other but too late for me.Nevertheless,i was too late but im not regret that i was know and spent my life with you.I still want to know your story that how you are and i will make this blog go on until you will know by chance.I still believe in the fate that one day you will know.......I love you






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