Today when was las year

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Hi..........Beach boy

I remember that today when was last year,i wasthere with you at Surat.I was very happy to be with you.We leftlanta 'cause there are a lot of spy that made me inconvenience.I remember this feeling when we saw each other,both of us were very excited.I know this from you face and your heart.You know,i was very happy like i was in my paradise.We spenttime all daytogether.I felt like i wasyour girlfriend.After that,my friend cameand we had a wecomelittle party.There were Chad,Joey,Aom-Yai,P'Ying,P'Kob,P'Air,You and Me at summer house.We was talking,drinking,playing card,game and a warm wecome back...hahaha.Did you remember that Chad and Joey throw me and everyoneto the pool.He was a bad boy but i really like this party.....hahaha 'cause i wasthrow you to the pool by myself.After that you left me and Aom-Yai stay alone together among the villa that without anybody both of dark and horrible so i called Chad and Joey to stay with us.I was very angry you in that time but when i saw you on the morning with sleepy position,i felt guilty immediately that i was complain you last night.Everyone gone with the wind.There was onlyyou and me.We do the routine like walk on the beach and waiting to see sunset,eat the restaurant that we like to go and drive the motor-bike to anywhere that i want to go.But there was some problem that made usannoyance so we decided to move to Surat on early morning.We went there by bus and we took almost four hour on the way[so suffer but i like to go with you...eiei]We arrived Surat,no one know us.We had freedom to do everything.You took me to dinner at river side and we was hanging out at the market and walked back to the hotel.The morning came,i want to stop a time 'cause i have to come back to my place.We got up not so early and we ate chester grill at Lotus Surat and after that we saw the movie X-MEN.You gave me the ticket to keep for memory.I kelp ituntil now.We went to pray at....beforei back to my place.Time's up,I had to go back to my place.You took me to bus station.I remember that you said we wont to see each other anymore.I was crying like the dam was broken.I looked at you until i could't saw you.At first,iintended to stay with you until my birthday but i afraid that you will bore me,so i decided to back my place.The time was pass.......everything gone with the wind including you.........Give me a time,i need a time to cure my heart.I need you but i know i cant get you back.Last year until now,i was very miss you but i cant accept the situation like this.It's likeyou burning my heart.......I miss you when was last year......T-T




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