My birthday!!!!

posted on 13 Jun 2007 18:57 by prettygirl-lanta in AboutMe

--Ohm..peang!!I wish you to appear now,ohm..peang!!!!


Hi.......my handy-man

You're stil forgot my birthday....again.I saw you on msn but you didt say anything......I waited till you sign out.So sad but in the deep heart,i hope you must remember becausei didt talked to you for a long time and then i was online.I thought,u must had sense to know why i was online on this time and why i was talked to you though i wasescapedyou for a long time.I waited you almost midnight.I sent sms toremind you and then you sent me back on midnight and a half on the second of June.There is the wordsaid that "it's better than nothing" at lease you stil sent me sms and called me on the morning.That's whyi was talked to you till now.I know,i have not much time left to be with you.Eveni livedso far from you like this but i was happy toknowthat how you are.You were meaningful for my life.I dont know,if you were marred,how am i suppost to do........When you called me on my birthday,you ask mesome question that is....it was passone year ago,is't it?.......You know i was so glad that you said this.It mean,you felt that i wasthere to be with you though i was lived so far from you. Anyway,you are not remember my birthday but westarting to talk to each other again.That wasi gota bigpresent for my speacial day........!!!!!!

Hey.......Did you remember that what's thepresent you gave me last year?...Tic.toc..tic..toc....I stil keep it till now.It was an umbrella that we used when was raining at Surat....Hahaha.Everything that you gave me,it was meaningful formy lifenow and forever.I love you so much